Reyes Salazar family position on meeting with Duarte

Regarding the article published this past Wednesday in the blog La Polaka, family Reyes Salazar and Redes Universitarias  make the following corrections:

  1. It is false that governor Duarte had visited the camping outside the senate. In the same note, it is stated that the reunion was in a café (Starbucks) given the governor’s group’s refusal to accept an audience at the cámara de diputados (house of representatives) where he went to present an initiative (not in the senate).
  2. It is evidently false that he had met with Marisela and Saúl Reyes. The brief reunion in which the letter was delivered was attended by Mrs. Sara Salazar, who accepted the opportunity to approach the governor because she felt the necessity of personally demanding the governor the resignation of attorney Jorge González Nicolás. Ángel Reyes Salazar attended as well.
  3. Indeed Lilia Merodio was instructed to keep in touch. During today’s morning visit, the demand for resignation of attorney Jorge González Nicolás was reiterated and the negative to continue to listen words and populist offerings (which obviously Mrs. Sara refused to receive), without first obtaining the presentation of the abducted family members ALIVE and also guaranteed justice.

To the public opinion,

Given the declarations issued through an official statement issued by the State of Chihuahua and its fraudulent broadcasting in an online local Ciudad Juarez newspaper, the Reyes Salazar family informed that, in an effort to exhaust the official agencies and take their demands directly to the authorities responsible for delivering justice, an interview with governor César Duarte Jáquez was held in a café in Mexico City.

We emphasize that WE ARE NOT NEGOTIATING THE LIFE AND FREEDOM OF OUR FAMILY MEMBERS. The government will not buy the pain of a mother that only wants a secure, quiet life; rights to which all Mexicans are entitled. The fraudulent note hinted that economic offerings, transfer, per diem and lodging from the state government had been accepted. This is FALSE.

After being literally caught, as he ran to avoid the hearing request, the governor had to agree. He was given a letter (which is attached in full), where he was required to comply with his constitutional mandate.

Our demands are pretty clear: The immediate ALIVE presentation of Maria Magdalena Reyes Salazar, Elias Reyes Salazar and his wife Luisa Ornelas Soto; guarantee the security of the entire family (Reyes Salazar) and organizations that support their demand for justice; repair the damage and guarantee that it will not happen again; demand the resignation of Attorney Jorge González Nicolás; rectify the militarization strategy promoted by the federal government.

Then and only then, we will say that there are results, because the apparent concern of government agencies and, also police deployment that is carried out without success, is nothing but their work, it is their duty.

We will continue to demand justice until we find our missing family members alive, and the state guarantees security to our family and our colleagues from different organizations that have joined us in solidarity. Because they were taken alive from us, alive we want them back!


Reyes Salazar family.

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